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Mogi Guaçu students meet students from Formare Eaton

Companies promote a class interchange to exchange good practices The exchange of experiences is an important stage within the Formare School Project. To allow for this interaction in the final stretch of classes in 2017, International Paper and Eaton brought together the students that took part in training at the two companies on October 26 […]

Formare students participate in technical visit

Mogi Guaçu and Luiz Antônio classes went to Sumaré to see a chemical plant Every year, International Paper Institute schedules a day on the Formare agenda to bring together the classes at the Mogi Guaçu and Luiz Antonio units in the state of São Paulo. In 2017, this meet-up took place in the city of […]

Brazil progresses in achiving the Global Compact 2030 Agenda

In October 2017, Brazil took an important step forward in becoming one of the most engaged countries in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The University of São Paulo (USP) signed a partnership agreement with the UN to house the first regional office of the […]

Nature and Body harvests its first crop

Food grown by the IP Institute project will benefit centers supporting vulnerable populations (Centros POP) Três Lagoas (MS) With the work of students and teachers, the Joaquim Marques de Souza and Parque São Carlos schools, participants in the Nature and Body Project, harvested their first crop on October 6. Donations were delivered to the Municipal […]

Winning Guardians of the Water Project schools reiterate the importance of water

From July to September, public school educators in Luís Antônio (SP) and the region worked on raising student awareness regarding preservation of water resources, through the “Guardians of the Water” project, coordinated by International Paper Institute. The schools in Luís Antonio, Altinópolis, Guatapará and São Simão, in the state of São Paulo, submitted their projects […]

IP Sustainability Report shows advances in environmental conservation

Company remains focused on the 2020 agenda and on reducing pollutant emissions by 13% in two years International Paper released its Sustainability Report in October. This document shows the company’s good practices in different indicators, such as: natural resources preservation and savings, occupational safety, personnel management, community actions, and more. Every year, large companies provide […]

National Book Day: October 29

Date celebrates the creation of the National Library in 1810  National Book Day, celebrated in Brazil on October 29, takes us back to the country’s colonial age. With the Portuguese court having come to Brazil in 1808, the city of Rio de Janeiro received a rich collection from the Royal Library of Portugal, with over […]

Children’s Day and IP Institute

 Brazil celebrates Children’s Day on October 12. The holiday was created in the country through a federal law proposed by Congressman Galdino Filho and signed into law by President Arthur Bernardes in 1924. The date set by the legislature was not popular at first. In the 1960s, the Estrela toy factory changed the status of […]

International Paper Institute celebrates one decade of transformation and social responsibility

“I am proud to see how this project has made a difference in people’s lives,” says Leandra Ferreira Leite, the Institute’s President. Leandra Ferreira Leite, presidente do Instituto, e Gláucia Faria, gerente de Responsabilidade Social e Sustentabilidade International Paper Institute was created 10 years ago, in September 2007. In one decade of corporate social responsibility […]

Teacher uses paperboard and pen to teach math to students

Using just two objects, the teacher transformed education at a school on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro September 9 was International Literacy Day, created over 50 years ago by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The date is aimed at celebrating literacy and education as a form of empowerment for thousands […]

Arbor Day and Papermakers Day

Both dates are celebrated in September and have common motifs September 20 is Papermakers Day. This date was established by the Sistema Sepaco de Saúde foundation in 1956, a health institute created to serve paper industry workers and their dependents. While September 21 is Arbor Day. This date also marks the start of spring in […]

The Institute’s 10 year anniversary is the theme of a workshop for SEE participants

Fostering educational and socio-environmental projects focused on children and adolescents is a process of transformation aligned with the values practiced by International Paper Institute. To spread lessons learned and guidelines from projects and to celebrate one decade of action, the Institute promoted the “10 Years of IP Institute” workshop in August. Members of the SEE […]

IIP celebrates “National Volunteer Day”

National Volunteer Day is celebrated on August 28. To commemorate, Formare students organized and paid homage to the program’s Volunteer Educators (VEs) and tutors. The event included messages, songs and presentations by students in Mogi Guaçu (SP), Luiz Antônio (SP) and Três Lagoas (MS) for the VEs. They also prepared a special video with photos […]

Formare students at Luiz Antonio participate in SIPAT

Students set up stand to talk about global IP project The Internal Occupational Accident Prevention Week (or SIPAT, its acronym in Portuguese,) has just come to an end at International Paper’s Luiz Antonio unit. And Formare School Project students took part in the initiative, with a stand set up to talk about the GMS (Global […]

Beekeepers in the Supportive Beekeeping program receive new personal protective equipment

“Coop members were excited to receive the new materials,” says José Antônio Monteiro On July 6 and 7 at the Luiz Antônio unit, members of the Beekeepers Coop of the Ribeirão Preto Region (COOPERAPIS) and the Association of Beekeepers of Leme and the Leme Region (AAPILEME) received new personal protective equipment (PPE) for honey cultivation and […]

School vacations around the world

The seasons of the year and commemorative dates make it so that each country adopts breaks on different dates of the calendar In Brazil, January, July and December are usually the most highly awaited months by students nationwide, since that is when they are on vacation from school. Breaks are different between private and public […]

Environmental Education Project takes part in “Clean Field Day”

International Paper Institute brought the EEP (Environmental Education Program) to National Clean Field Day. Held by Coplana, Agroindustrial Cooperative, the event took place in Jaboticabal (SP) on August 16. Aimed at raising awareness among public school students about environmental conservation, the initiative gathered over 2,500 students ages 9 to 14 from the cities of Jaboticabal, […]

Paperboard and its contribution to reforestation

There are many ways to contribute to the environment and biodiversity on the planet. One of them is using paperboard to recover degraded areas. The process is simple and costs 50% less than traditional methods. Paperboard is used to control invasive plants and to protect seedlings in the first years after they are planted. According […]

Forest Engineer Day

Specialists in sustainable forestry management celebrate their profession on July 12 July 12 is “Forestry Engineer Day,” celebrating professionals working to rationally and sustainably manage forest resources. This date honors Saint John Gualbert, chosen by Pope Pius XIII as the Patron of Forest Workers and a forerunner of agrarian laws. The motto of “conserving and […]

Formare students visit Book Fair in Ribeirão Preto

Young people expand their knowledge of sustainability and professional qualification On June 6, the Luiz Antônio Formare School Project class attended the 17th edition of the National Book Fair in Ribeirão Preto, held by Fundação do Livro e da Leitura. The theme for the event, which took place from June 4 to 11 at Theatro […]

Formare students visit higher learning institution

Invitation extended by a Volunteer Educator gave the young students the chance to talk with university students On June 8, Formare students at Três Lagoas (MS) gave a presentation at the 1st Academic, Cultural and Sports Week of Business Administration and Accounting Sciences at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul. The event, held […]

Brazil goes up in sustainability ranking

According to the Environmental Performance Index for 2016, Brazil improved in the air quality category. Published every two years, the “Environmental Performance Index” assesses the performance of 180 countries in relation to policies geared towards sustainability and well-being. At the last edition (2016), Brazil jumped from 77th place to 46th, boosted by improved air quality. […]

Take part in the Environmental Education Program (EEP)

Registration is open for the EEP at Luiz Antônio and Mogi Guaçu for the 2nd semester of 2017 The Environmental Education Program is aimed at working with some of the myths about Pulp and Paper production. A maximum of 60 students are allowed during each visit, where they learn more about IP and take part […]

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5

In 1972, the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was held on June 5, in Stockholm, Sweden. At that time, this date was established by the United Nations (UN) as “World Environment Day,” aimed at promoting environmental conservation around the world. “The protection and improvement of the human environment is a major issue which […]

See the winning schools in the Guardians of the Water 2017 call for projects

Winning projects include construction of cisterns, planting of saplings and informative marches on the topic. The “Guardians of the Water” award is an International Paper Institute initiative that asks participants to create educational projects related to rational use of water resources inside and outside of school. This year, it was the Luiz Antônio region’s turn […]

Guardians of the Water approaches dengue prevention through storytelling

From May 22 to June 2, International Paper Institute is promoting the second phase of the “Guardians of the Water” project, with “A Kingdom without Dengue,” an interactive show. The initiative brings together a puppet show, music and information for the school communities in the cities of Guatapará, Altinópolis, São Simão and Luiz Antônio (SP). […]

IP Institute publishes report on activities

Programs coordinated by IIP benefitted over 28,500 people in 2016 In late April, International Paper Institute released its 2016 activities report. In total, 28,574 people benefitted from projects carried out by IIP and its partners in 14 cities. For the sake of comparison, the number of people impacted by initiatives is more than twice the […]

IIP celebrates “Beekeeper Day”

International Paper Institute prepared a special action for Beekeper Day, celebrated on May 22: distributing honey produced in ‘s planted forests, through the “Supportive Beekeeping” project, to workers at all of the company’s units in Brazil. To honor the work of beekeepers, students put together packages with honey packets that will be delivered from May […]

Formare chat reinforces the importance of career

From time to time, the International Paper Institute promotes a meeting between Formare students and professionals from different areas at IP for a relaxed conversation about studies and career opportunities. This initiative is called the “Formare Chat.” In April, the Luiz Antônio class had the chance to learn a bit more about the career path […]

The search for answers to the growing scarcity of water

In an article published on the United Nations Brazil website, José Graziano da Silva, Director-General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), highlights the growing scarcity of water and actions that should be considered based on global dimensions. “Drought cannot be avoided, but a drought can be prevented from becoming a famine,” he […]

Nature and Body enters a new phase and boosts production

Project began by planting vegetables at schools in Três Lagoas in 2016 and intends to expand production this year. Instilling environmental awareness, within the concept of food sustainability and healthy eating are some of the goals of the Nature and Body project, coordinated by International Paper Institute in the city of Três Lagoas (MS). Since […]

April: children’s literature month

In April, children’s literature is being celebrated by honoring authors Hans Christian Andersen and Monteiro Lobato. In different times and locations, these authors left a cultural heritage that has withstood time and crossed generations, opening the doors of the world of reading to thousands of children. In addition to celebrating the importance of these writers, […]

UN wants less plastic in oceans

The United Nations (UN) launched a global campaign in late February to reduce the amount of plastic in oceans by 2020. The “Clean Seas” initiative is aimed at mobilizing governments, companies and civil society to work towards this goal. Launched at the World Ocean Summit, the campaign is aimed at different areas of action. Government […]

Gardening by mail

Project encourages a mail-based seed exchange With e-mail, people now rarely mail letters. But Anaísa Catucci, an executive from Florianópolis, had an original idea that gained over 2,000 followers in just 24 hours: exchanging seeds by mail. That was how the “Seeds around the World” (Sementes pelo Mundo) project started. The idea began when Anaísa […]

“World Water Day” turns 25

Instituted by the UN in 1992, the date encourages reflection on ration use of water resources A quarter of a century ago, the United Nations declared March 22 to be “World Water Day,” raising awareness among government authorities and the population about the use of this vital resource for survival on the planet. With this […]

Formare 2017 kicks off with high energy

Formare students have been attending project classes at units located in Mogi Guaçu (SP), Luiz Antônio (SP) and Três Lagoas (MS) since March 7. The 50 young people are working to learn everything they need to make the right career choice as well as to find out about the particularities of production processes and the […]

Formare 2017 recebe mais de 170 inscrições de Educadores Voluntários

Project coordinated by International Paper Institute involves IP professionals to train young people for the job market. Volunteer Educator (VE) registrations for the next Formare class, which were closed on February 17, were a success. One-hundred and seventy-four professionals decided to share their knowledge with students selected for the 2017 edition of the initiative at […]

Reverse logistics: an ally of sustainability

Since 2015, Brazil has had an Industry Agreement in effect between the government and manufacturers, importers, distributors and sellers to implement shared responsibility for the product lifecycle. Under this agreement, private companies commit to cut the amount of packaging sent to landfills by 22% by the end of this year. This group of organizations, which […]

Online platform allows knowledge to be exchanged between schools across Brazil

Sharing has never been so popular. That is the case of Edukatu, a network that promises to strengthen relations between Primary School students and teachers to share projects geared towards conscientious consumption and rational use of natural resources. Thanks to a partnership with the State Secretary o Education, Sabesp and Instituto Akatu, 42 projects involving […]

Apicultura Solidária estuda cultivo de mel em mata nativa

Institute assesses the possibility of extending sustainable production to areas protected by International Paper Supportive Beekeeping, a project coordinated by International Paper Institute (IIP), is getting ready to reach new heights. In addition to producing honey in planted forests, this year, forest professionals and co-op beekeepers are studying the viability of extending the installation of […]

Volunteer Educators get ready for Formare

Prior to the start of the course, VEs will undergo training to learn teaching techniques and methodologies to make the most of class hours On February 22, 23 and 24, Volunteer Educators (VEs) for the 2017 IP Formare School Project held at the Três Lagoas, Luiz Antônio and Mogi Guaçu units spent a day undergoing […]

Free apps help with the classroom routine

Project at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) catalogs free software with content for Pre-Tertiary and Higher Education Formare 2017 students and Volunteer Educators can now rely on yet another free research source to help them in classes and research: the “Free Educational Software for Mobile Devices” project. Developed by university professor […]

January 30 is National Comics Day

Considered a gateway to the world of reading for many children, comics stay with readers for many generations. Learn more about this date. Maurício de Sousa, Laerte, Ziraldo, Angeli, Glauco and Jaguar.  These are some of the Brazilian artists who will be remembered on January 30, the day when the creativity of Brazilian comics is […]

Formare IP has over ten candidates for each spot

A total of 546 students registered for the 50 open spots. Três Lagoas (MS) had the most competitive spots. Since 2010, low-income youth that are recent high school graduates from the Mogi Guaçu and Luiz Antônio (SP) or Três Lagoas (MS) regions have been able to enroll in the International Paper Formare School Project selective […]

Emerging countries lead on clean energy

Study shows that developing countries have the same total capacity to generate renewable energy as Australia The group of 58 emerging countries assessed by Climatescope, the annual renewable energy competition rating, which looks at the energy sector in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, surpassing the clean energy capacity of wealthy countries by 18%.  The […]

Institute initiatives benefit over 28,000 people in 2016

Transforming people’s lives. With this goal in mind, International Paper Institute (IIP) held a series of initiatives in 2016 to promote the social and environmental education of children and adolescents, impacting over 28,000 people through the following programs: Formare School Project, Environmental Education Program (EEP), Travelling Book City, Social and Environmental Education (SEE), Guardians of […]


Listed below are the candidates accepted during the Formare selective process for the International Paper units in Três Lagoas, Luiz Antônio and Mogi Guaçu. LIST OF CANDIDATES ACCEPTED INTO FORMARE IP 2017 Unit: Três Lagoas/MS Accepted Candidates 1 Abner Loureiro Santana 2 Cleisla Martins da Silva 3 Eduardo Borges Lopes 4 Felipe da Silva Campos […]

How much does better air quality cost?

Study shows that an investment of BRL 13 per person in planting trees is enough to improve health in urban areas Air pollution and higher global temperatures are part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) instituted by the United Nations (UN). With an eye towards reducing environmental impacts over the coming decades, various institutions, […]

An emotional graduation for Formare School Project 2016 students

Bidding farewell with a longing for more, students ended the ten-month cycle by receiving their diplomas and with greater maturity to face the challenges ahead December was a month filled with emotion and expectation for students in the IP Formare School Project, coordinated by Instituto International Paper (IIP). After 9 months with lots of learning […]

More sustainable trash collection in the São Paulo heartland

Electric truck makes trash collection even “cleaner” Trash collection in the cities of Paulínia, Indaiatuba, Tietê, Salto and Valinhos is gaining a strong ally for good air quality in urban areas: a 100% electric truck, which hit the streets in the second half of 2016. It has an autonomous range of over 200 kilometers or […]

Mogi Guaçu Formare students organize food drive

Families served by institutions that are part of the Federation of Charity Organizations of Mogi Guaçu (FEAG) will have fuller tables this Christmas. That is because the International Paper Formare School Project students have been working since October on organizing a food drive to make the end of the year more delicious for many people. […]

Formare Chat: joining experience and youth in mutual learning

Kicking off a light-hearted and relaxed conversation about career and professional goals: this is the main goal of the Formare Chat, which has strengthened relations between 39 young people from the IP Formare School Project and International Paper (IP) executives at the Mogi Guaçu and Luiz Antônio units over the nearly 70 editions of the […]

EEP benefits over 3,000 people in 2016

The Environmental Education Program (EEP), at International Paper Institute (IIP), has a lot to celebrate this year.  Activities involved a total of 3,161 people, including Primary School students and teachers in nine municipalities: Luiz Antônio, São Simão, Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Guatapará, Mogi Guaçu, Mogi Mirim, Aguaí and Altinópolis. This year, IIP developed the EEP […]

Nature and Body end the year with healthy eating at school

Educating for a healthier lifestyle. This is the proposal that International Paper Institute uses to promote “Nature and Body” each year, a project aimed at providing schools in the municipality of Três Lagoas (MS) with a reflection on quality of life by implementing community gardens. This year’s edition, which started in the first semester, ended […]

Formare students develop PET bottle rocket

From February to October of this year, the International Paper Institute Formare School Project held multidisciplinary activities led by volunteer educator Joselir Cassuti that consisted of assembling a rocket using PET bottles. The initiative presented by the educator, who has worked at International Paper for 22 years, involved every subject. Yet it was in his […]

WHO proposes higher taxes on food and beverages prejudicial to health

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a proposal to establish measures aimed at reducing obesity worldwide. The strategy is to reorient eating habits through policies that encourage healthy foods and raise taxes on unhealthy foods. Organizations such as the WHO are looking for actions that result in tax policies to reduce purchases of […]

Formare 2017 Luiz Antônio passing candidates

Below is a list of candidates who passed the first phase of the Formare International Paper selective process at the Luiz Antônio/SP unit. The group dynamic will take place the  International Paper factory – Rodovia SP 255, Km 41,2 – Luiz Antônio/SP GROUP 1: Candidates invited to take part in the group dynamic on Nov. […]

Formare 2017 Mogi Guaçu passing canditates

See the list of those who passed the first phase of the Formare International Paper selective process at the Mogi Guaçu/SP unit. The group dynamic will take place Horto Florestal – International Paper Training Center – Rodovia SP 340, Km 171 – Mogi Guaçu/SP. GROUP 1: Candidates invited to take part in the group dynamic […]

Formare 2017 Três Lagoas passing candidates

See the list of those who passed the first phase of the Formare Três Lagoas selective process. Names are in alphabetical order. The second phase will be held on Nov. 16 (Wednesday), at 1 PM, at Colégio Objetivo – Rua Urías Ribeiro, 2327 – Alto da Boa Vista. CANDIDATES PASSING ON TO THE 2ND PHASE (DYNAMIC)  […]

Supportive Beekeeping: beekeepers take training course at SEBRAE

Beekeepers from International Paper Institute’s “Support Beekeeping” project took part in workshops to enhance techniques while also growing points of sale. The idea is that the Cooperative will gain more autonomy, therefore expanding its market share. The project involves professionals from the Cooperative of Beekeepers of the Ribeirão Preto Region (COOPERAPIS), who work in the […]

Formare students participate in SIPAT 2016

Students create model and show how IP processes work Safety is a value at International Paper . And to reinforce all of the measures the company takes to make every work environment safer, the CIPA (Internal Accident Prevention Commission) at International Paper had some outside help for this year’s Internal  Occupational Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT): […]

International Paper Surpasses Pollutant Emissions Reduction Targets Ahead of Schedule

Globally, the multinational cut pollutant emissions by 18% and emissions of oxygen-depleting substances in wastewater from factories by 17% International Paper, in international leader in the manufacture of printing and writing paper and packaging, has just reported on the progress of its global sustainability targets for 2020, to which the company freely committed in 2011. […]

IIP opens registrations for Formare 2017

Registrations for the FORMARE selective process at International Paper in the Mogi Guaçu, Luiz Antônio and Três Lagoas regions will be open from October 11 to November 3. For the first time, the selective process at the three IP units will be integrated, with several new facets. The professional training course is a supplement to […]

Eucalyptus Biomass: clean energy in paper production

One of the concerns at International Paper is reducing environmental impacts, which is why the company is constantly working to improve industrial processes, with a focus on sustainability and on the rational use of resources to manufacture pulp and paper. Among the company’s countless initiatives is the use of eucalyptus biomass to generate energy for […]

Biennale is the stage for a meeting between Formare students

A meeting between Formare IP students at the Mogi Guaçu and Luiz Antônio units is already part of the calendar of activities at International Paper Institute. This year, the company provided a chance for students to exchange knowledge as well as fun and culture, with a visit to the International Book Biennale, in São Paulo. […]

Innovations turn trash into energy

A more sustainable life requires a new look at everything that human beings produce, including garbage. To give you an idea, 29% more trash was generated in Brazil from 2003 to 2014, while population growth during this period was just 6%, according to a study by the Brazilian Association of Public Sanitation and Special Waste […]

Guardians of the Water awards schools in Rio Verde, state of Goiás

Winning projects include produce gardens and water collection for reuse in the school environment Representantes das escolas acompanham anúncio dos vencedores do “Guardiões das Águas” On August 22, three schools in Rio Verde, state of Goiás celebrated the “Guardians of the Water” award received. The award is an initiative of the International Paper Institute to […]

Environmental issues: Brazilians bet on technology as a solution

Water and air pollution are major concern; trust in government to is low The concern with the environment and recovery of natural resources has been the major challenge in this century. The tone of the debate is to bring government and the population together for concrete actions that promote sustainable development, as well as foster […]

Nature and Body brings students to farming settlement

IIP project embraces production of vegetables and brings the garden to school  Students at “20 de março” farming settlement in Três Lagoas – Mato Grosso do Sul Students at the Joaquim Marques and Parque São Carlos public schools in Três Lagoas (MS) visited the “20 de março” farming settlement on August 8 and 9, where […]

Sweater Drive brings professionals together to donate blankets

Formare students organized the drive for the Solidarity Fund of Guatapará  Every year, International Paper Institute (IIP) holds a Sweater Drive with direct participation of Formare students. In 2016, the Luiz Antônio group was chosen to help in organizing and also took care of collecting donations. A different institution is chosen to receive donated items […]

Eduardo Fonseca takes part in “Formare Chat”

IP’s Corporate Affairs Manager shares his career experiences with Formare students Taking part for the first time in the Formare Chat, a series of meetings that International Paper Institute (IIP) promotes between IP Formare students and executives, Eduardo Fonseca, International Paper’s Corporate Affairs Manger, shared his varied career history with young people. “Students are taking […]

Saiba mais sobre os Indicadores de Desenvolvimento Sustentável do IBGE

Today, there is practically a consensus that sustainable development is a process that translates into the combination of three pillars to benefit the generations of today and tomorrow in a country: economic growth, environmental conservation and improved quality of life in society. Based on this premise, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) periodically […]

Another Formare School Project class graduates at Três Lagoas

In a surprise-filled ceremony, students gave speeches and paid homage to the work of Volunteer Educators Another cycle has come to an end and a new phase is beginning for new graduates of the Formare School Project in Três Lagoas. The graduation ceremony was held on July 7, at the Vieira Festas ballroom, and included […]

July 12 – Forest Engineer Day

Learn about the work of this protector of the environment, a fundamental professional within the International Paper business Today is Forest Engineer Day. A date that was created to honor Saint John Gualbert, a monk known for his dedication to preserving forests and cultivating fauna and flora. He died on this date in 1703 and […]

“Formare Chat” brings young people closer to professionals in the Manufacturing and Human Resources areas

In June, students talked with professionals from various areas at IP and were able to find answers to career questions during and open and relaxed chat. Bringing young people who are making professional decisions closer to executives with market experience. This is the concept of the “Formare Chat,” an initiative of the International Paper Institute, […]

Cerflor follows international sustainability standards

In addition to the FSC, IP products follow Brazilian Cerflor standards. Learn more Connected to Inmetro, the Brazilian Forestry Certification Program (Cerflor) is the result of work done by various Brazilian institutions who joined together to establish sustainable forestry management criteria. Mobilization around national certification that follows ecologically appropriate, socially fair and economically feasible sustainability […]